Change Log

v1.7.0 / 2016-07-06

  • #379 Allow addition of buttons (or other content) into the header area of the Workspace control. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for the suggestion.
  • #378 Allow support for navigator menu items to open in a new window when clicked. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for the suggestion.
  • #337 Fix an alignment bug if the header has primary and secondary navigation in a desktop browser. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for reporting.
  • #322 Remove server console logging. Thanks to Mike McGarel for reporting.
  • #317 Add a new CSS class (.rtimage) which can be added to rich text fields to display images in correct size when viewing them. Thanks to scottishdave for reporting this issue.
  • #376 Fix display of calendar entry time block in day view. Thanks to Reid Canavan for reporting.

v1.6.0 / 2016-03-29

  • #327 Fix a bug where Load More button didn't work when view title had a "\" in it. Thanks to kordisch for reporting.
  • #328 Fix a bug in Accordion View for categories with apostrophes. Thanks to kevinp8192 for reporting.
  • #333 Remove requirement to press return when searching with type ahead. Thanks to scottishdave for the suggestion.
  • #340 Fix bug where searching in remote databases wasn't working. Thanks to agomezban for reporting.
  • #345 Fix a bug loading images in views if the image is null. Thanks to xpagesbeast for reporting.
  • #355 Add some common fields to documents when saving: Created By, Modified By etc. Thanks to RichSharpe for suggesting.
  • #358 Allow view titles to be HTML as well as plain text. Thanks to RichSharpe for suggesting.
  • #366 Allow over-ride of header home link with new property in Header. Thanks to RichSharpe for suggesting.
  • #367 Add error handling to sync all. Thanks to RichSharpe for suggesting.
  • #373 Fix a bug with searching for dates. Thanks to MikeAmberg for reporting.
  • #375 Add support for Full Text Searching on Domino server.

v1.5.2 / 2015-11-23

  • #353 Add new custom property to allow "Add" label to be confgiered in Flat or Accordion views. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for suggesting
  • #354 Fix bug with typeahead not working with very large source lists, see documentation for configuration change to use this new mode. Thanks to Ady Makombo for reporting
  • #357 Resolve some markup confusion when using modals in different contexts. Thanks to L R Barker for suggesting
  • #364 Fix bug with global search when accessing data from an external database. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for suggesting
  • #368 Fix Detailed view so that it will immediately show changes after editing documents. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for suggesting
  • #369 Add a new demo of using draggables in the Sampler application. Thanks to Steve Ives for suggesting
  • #370 Fix bug with font file not loading correctly in Sampler reading card page. Thanks to Mike Amberg for reporting

v1.5.1 / 2015-09-17

  • #356 Fix a bug with saving content that contains a % sign. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for reporting

v1.5.0 / 2015-08-10

  • #335 Add support for two lines in Header title. Simply add a <br /> tag. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for suggesting
  • #338 Fix bug with display of slide in menu in portrait mode on the iPad. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for suggesting
  • #339 Improve Android photo upload support in Sampler application. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for suggesting
  • #347 Add switch to enable editmode when opening a document from FlatList. Thanks to Rich Sharpe for suggesting
  • #348 We've upgraded to support the very latest version of Bootcards
  • #351 Fix a bug in day and week calendar views where entries were not visible. Thanks to Telemanage for suggesting

v1.4.2 / 2015-07-08

  • #343 Fix bug with saving data to other database when using Unplugged client, thanks xpagesbeast for reporting
  • #336/#321 Improve Cancel button operation when running edit mode in full screen, thanks Rich Sharpe for reporting
  • #334 Fix bug with orientation change on tablets when displaying a full page document, thanks Rich Sharpe for reporting

v1.4.1 / 2015-05-21

  • Fix regression bug with selecting options from list in typeahead in iOS, thanks adymakombo for reporting

v1.4 / 2015-05-19

  • Fix bug with selecting options from list in typeahead in iOS, thanks adymakombo for reporting
  • Improve flat view searching by allowing partial matches and offering typeahead options, thanks notesboy for reporting
  • Better support double header bar from Bootcards, thanks sives for reporting
  • Improve photo upload support to work on desktop and mobile browsers as well as Unplugged, thanks richsharpe for reporting
  • Improved sampler code for mobile toggle switch, thanks richsharpe for reporting
  • Allow UnpBootFormEdit control to be loaded full page and have cancel button return to previous page, thanks richsharpe for reporting
  • Fix bug with dismissOnOk=false in Unplugged, thanks richsharpe for reporting
  • Extend post save callback to pass in sufficient parameters to allow developer to reload flat list in place, thanks richsharpe for suggesting
  • Add new presavecallback to allow custom validation to be performed before saving, thanks richsharpe for suggesting

v1.3.1 / 2015-03-06

  • Identify bug where max response size in Unplugged server prevented rich text editor from working properly, thanks edm00se, NeilEvans for help tracking it down
  • Fix bug with showbuttons not working correctly in UnpBootFormEditor, thanks Reid Canavan
  • Fix bug with UnpBootAccordionView not correctly handling ajaxload=no setting, thanks Reid Canavan
  • Add version number to design elements, thanks David Henderson
  • Make dialogs truly modal, user now has to click close or cancel, thanks ktatsuki and khsopro
  • Fix toggle switch not working in some situations on the desktop, thanks Rich Sharpe

v1.3.0 / 2015-01-20

  • Fix a bug where the Add button in the accordion list was not working correctly, thanks aysekai
  • Fix a bug where JS is not fired when a new document is created, thanks Rich Sharpe
  • Add option to not open first document in list automatically, thanks Rich Sharpe
  • Improve the functionality of the Login Control, thanks Rich Sharpe
  • Fix bug with detailcolumn not displaying correctly in Accordion List control, thanks Mitsuru Katoh and khsopro
  • Fix bug with display of Flat View when rotating iPad from portrait to landscape, thanks Rich Sharpe
  • Allow creation of new documents from header bar on desktop, thanks Rich Sharpe
  • Fix bug with view icons not displaying correctly in the Accordion List, thanks susinmn
  • Callback support added to openDocument, editDocument and saveDocument events to allow developer to add post processing, thanks Rich Sharpe
  • Fix bug with New Response button in Form Viewer control, thanks Mitsuru Katoh
  • Added date picker for Firefox and IE desktop browsers (native pickers used elsewhere), thanks Neil Evans
  • Add drop down support for desktop header bar, thanks Steve Ives

v1.2.0 / 2014-11-17

  • Add new UnpBootDetailedView control to support the Bootcards detailed list pattern
  • Fix bug where page scrolled when scrolling slide in menu, thanks Mark Leusink
  • Fix bug where menu was transparent at bottom, thanks Mark Leusink
  • Improve save document process to update document summary in FlatView after saving
  • Add new Login control for use with web applications
  • Update UnpDialog callback to allow developer to choose whether dialog is closed automatically on OK, thanks Martin Perrie
  • Update UnpDialog to allow developer to choose whether OK or cancel buttons are visible, thanks Martin Perrie
  • Update Carousel Control to support captions for images in carousel, thanks Ady Makombo
  • Allow custom buttons to be inserted in FormViewer header using a new editable area, thanks Rich Sharpe
  • Update documentation to make clearer the requirement for FormViewer fields to be wrapped with h4 tags, thanksRich Sharpe
  • Upgrade version on Bootcards to v1.1, thanks Mark Leusink
  • Update XControls website to
  • Add support for runtime optimized CSS and JS which dramatically reduces page sizes for web applications, thanks Mark Leusink

We do have one known issue with the A-Z Picker when using it in iOS and Unplugged (not Safari), there are situations where the list will disappear until the user touches their screen again. We're still investigating a solution to this issue.

v1.1.1 / 2014-10-21

  • UnpBootFlatView - white space on left of data in view when no icon is used
  • Updated license files to take account of OFL for Font Awesome

v1.1 / 2014-10-21

  • fixed; issue with calendar entries in latest Firefox, thanks Howard Greenberg
  • UnpBootFiles Control * either doc is wrong or the files are not automatically populated when form is in an external DB, thanks Rich Sharpe
  • Change sampler app menu layout
  • Change Controls Group Name
  • Github name
  • No documnetation for the UnpPhotoUpload control, thanks Rich Sharpe
  • Search using a desktop browser does not work, thanks Howard Greenberg
  • Categorized view on iPhone issue, thanks Howard Greenberg
  • Tablet - Rotate from Landscape to Portrait loses navigation, thanks Reid Canavan
  • unpBootAccordianView - Add button - Show option, thanks Reid Canavan
  • Rename TypographyEdit and TypographyRead controls
  • AZ picker is cut off in landscape Mode
  • Change UnpBootFormViewer to render std buttons on true/false not 'yes'/!'yes', thanks Rich Sharpe
  • Icons not aligned correctly in lists